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Kathryn Stinson and a not so typical day by Leslie Wheeler

When I wake up in the morning, the dog is still there, clawing at the front door. Amore the cat glares at me, as if to say, “How could you have brought that loathsome creature home?” Before I explain, here’s a little background. My name is Kathryn Stinson. I’m a...

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Veronica Walsh back in action by Jeanne Quigley + Giveaway

My first Christmas in the retail world was a blur of shoppers and twinkling lights, with a repetitive festive soundtrack that played all day in my ears and all night in my head. It was a welcome whirl. My boutique, All Things, was having an excellent holiday season...

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Meet Gemma Doyle by Vicki Delany

Want to know more about Gemma Doyle? Check out her answers to my questions. What is your name? - -  Gemma Doyle How old are you? - -  Early 30s What is your profession? - -  Bookseller and co-owner of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium Do you have a significant...

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Desiree Turner back at home by Lillian Bell

My alarm went off. I sat up and had a moment of complete disorientation. Where the heck was I? Nothing seemed right. The window was on the wrong side of the room. The bed was too darned small. Who still had a poster of the cat hanging on a tree branch on their walls?...

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My Musing ~ A Grave Search by Wendy Roberts

A Grave Search by Wendy Roberts is the second book in the “Bodies of Evidence” mystery series. Publisher: Carine Press, January 2018 Julie Hall is finally adjusting to her new career: locating dead bodies with dowsing rods. The crime scene is drenched with blood, but...

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My Musing ~ A Grave Issue by Lillian Bell

A Grave Issue by Lillian Bell is the first book in the NEW “Funeral Parlor” mystery series. Publisher: Crooked Lane Books, coming February 13, 2018 After an on-air gaffe goes viral and jeopardizes her career, journalist Desiree Turner retreats home to Verbena,...

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My Musing ~ Cast for Murder by Jeanne Quigley

Cast for Murder by Jeanne Quigley is the third book in the "Veronica Walsh" mystery series, coming February 13, 2018. Former soap opera actress Veronica Walsh is recovering from her first holiday season in the retail world when she is pulled from retirement to star in...

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My Musing ~ The Identity Thief by R. Franklin James

The Identity Thief by R. Franklin James is the sixth book in the "Hollis Morgan" mystery series. Publisher: Camel Press, February 2018 Probate attorney Hollis Morgan is branching out into criminal law. Pardoned after serving time for her then-husband's white-collar...

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My Musing ~ Murder on the Rocks by Shawn Reilly Simmons

Murder on the Rocks by Shawn Reilly Simmons is the fifth book in the “Red Carpet Catering” mystery series. Publisher: Henery Press, February 2018 Shawn Reilly Simmons has cooked up something rocky this time, and it’s going to be a delicious read. After surviving a...

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New Releases: Week of February 4, 2018

Here are ten new titles for your reading pleasure. From Chestnut Street Press, Diana Orgain, Felony & Mayhem, Henery Press, Midnight Ink, Penguin Random House, William Morrow Two debut series (J.D. Allen, Lissa Marie Redmond) One debut author (Lissa Marie...

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Cover Reveal ~ In Cold Chocolate by Dorothy St. James

I am thrilled to host the cover reveal for the third book in the “Southern Chocolate Shop” mystery series from Crooked Lane Books, coming September 11, 2018. Title: In Cold Chocolate Series: Southern Chocolate Shop #3 Genre: Cozy Mystery Publisher: Crooked Lane Books...

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Malice Domestic Recap 2017

Event: Malice Domestic 29 Location: Bethesda, MD Hotel: Hyatt Regency Bethesda Date: April 27 - May 1, 2017 Malice Domestic is an annual fan convention in the metropolitan DC area that celebrates the traditional mystery, books best typified by the works of Agatha...

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MWA 2017 Edgar Allan Poe Awards

The Edgar® Awards were presented to the winners at the 71st Gala Banquet on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City. Winners of the 2017 Edgar Allan Poe Awards, honored the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television published or...

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The reclusive figure of Dru reportedly spends her working hours at the mysterious daytime situation doing “research.” Her non-working hours are spent less reclusively on her blog, dru’s book musings where the main goal is to introduce readers to authors and their work.

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